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The Living Kidney Donors Alliance was founded and is chaired by living kidney donors. Each hailing from different parts of the country, with different transplant centers and therefore vastly different donation experiences, we have come together for the shared goal of supporting and empowering current and future living kidney donors, as well as protecting donor rights.

Our mission is to provide accurate and up-to-date medical information, first-hand accounts, support, advice, and resources all in one, easy-to-find place to help educate donors and their loved ones.

In addition, the Living Kidney Donors Alliance will be conducting living donor surveys with the aim of compiling a wealth of feedback about each specific step of the donation process, which will be made available through our website for donors and potential donors, as well as the medical community. We hope to use this collated data to bring to light the areas of living donation that are successfully addressed and handled, those that need improvement and, most importantly, those that are largely ignored all together and/or hinder the donation process.

We hope to use this collated data to bring to light the areas of living donation that are successfully addressed and handled and those that need improvement. Once collected, organized, and analyzed, our final step will be to present this information to the transplant community, thereby facilitating a much-needed two-way conversation between donors and transplant professionals, which hopefully will lead to a better donor experience.

This Living Kidney Donors Document, was written by the members of this committee based on their experiences, as well as the experiences of other donors.

Donating a kidney (or any organ) does save a life, and as kidney donors we have all stepped forward to help someone else, yet the help, or the lack of, that some of the donors have received has been less than acceptable, and that is why we wrote this document. It's important to us to have something that we can present to the transplant community to let them know what they need to improve in the kidney donation process, and with our help we can show them how they can improve the process.

Hopefully with these changes it will encourage more donors to step forward to donate, therefore reducing the number of people on the wait list... but we can’t do this without your support.

After you read the document, kindly show us your support by sending an email to: so that we can take the document, as well as your emails in support of, to the proper organizations that can help us make a change.

Living Donor Document

Please note that the members of the LKDA are not medical professionals and the content of our site is not meant to replace any advice or information provided to you by members of the medical community. Any medical questions should be directed to your physician or your transplant team.

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